JP Carton

Material recycling

Our concern for the environment and our ecological responsibility motivate our work methods in this direction. Annually, we recycle 12,500 metric tons of recycled cardboard in the manufacturing process of our product offer. This amount of recycled cardboard is equivalent to approximately 22,250 trees in nature. This is one of the ways in which we are committed to the environment.

Our Inks

The products we create are often adorned with special designs which are specific to our clients’ businesses. Once more, we want to reduce our ecological impact by advocating the use of different and responsible printing techniques.

The inks we use on a daily basis are water-based, natural, recyclable and renewable materials. These materials allow us to reduce the use of solvent-based substances while reducing the amount of petroleum emissions related to the fabrication of these inks. In addition to reaching high ecological standards, this type of ink allows us to raise the print quality of the designs requested by our customers.

After use, the used inks are treated internally, in accordance with the environmental standards approved by Environnement Canada.